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Thoughts of Doctor Who. Posted from FB - Thoughts wot I have

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July 13th, 2013

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10:24 am - Thoughts of Doctor Who. Posted from FB
So, Empire (Live roleplay) meet up today, preparing for it by watching Dr Who ( not sure that's valid, or that I need an excuse)
I does remind me of a curious thing, something unique to Doctor 11.

When the news hit of Matt Smith leaving, I was genuinely gutted that there were only 2 more Doctor 11 episodes. And this is the first time that the prospect of a new Doctor makes me sad.
When younger it was all exciting and the stuff of playground discussions . With 9 and 10 it was anticpation of who would they get, and largely,  was it Patterson Joseph, and if not, why not?

Now I find myself pre-emptively missing the 11th.
And i think that is because "He is my Doctor", as people often say when they have a favourite.

But that favourite is moreoften their first Doctor, or one they watch at a certain age. As a 4 decader I did not expect to find "my Doctor" with the 11th.

I think it's the mix of old and new, ancient in a youth's form, wise and childish and silly and more quiet moments.

So when we go in November to London for the celebration with Bakers T and C and McCoy the brown, there will also be my Doctor, the only one who made me sad that his run was over.

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